What Makes Mallinson’s of Oldham the Trusted Manufacturer of Choice when considering a New Frying Range?

Walkden Bar


It’s been three months since The Walkden Bar underwent a facelift and shop refresh so we thought we’d catch up with co-owner Demetrios to see how it all went

The Walkden Bar, or Steve’s Chippy as it used to be known, has been in the family for over 35 years.

Following Steve’s retirement ten years ago, the popular chip shop was passed down to Steve’s son Demetrios Demetriou and his brother in law Mario Filactou. When it came time to update the restaurant’s frying range there was no question as to which brand to choose.

Quality and Reliability

“Our Mallinson’s range has been the heartbeat of our business for over 20 years and has never let us down which is what you need when running a busy chip shop.” Demetrios explains. “That kind of quality and reliability is unbeatable. We look after our frying range and have it serviced every year by Mallinson’s and in all that time, we’ve never had to replace a single pan . It’s another reason why we only ever considered Mallinson’s when looking at a replacement.”

The Walkden Bar

Value for Money

In addition to the great performance of the range, Demetrios also values the great customer service and cost effectiveness that Mallinson’s offers, “With our margins not what they used to be, I really needed value for money which is what I get from Mallinson’s of Oldham.”  Demetrious also needed a bespoke counter to improve the speed of service during busy periods and Mallinson’s was able to deliver exactly what he needed as part of the design.

“We trust Mallinson’s to deliver, no matter what,” Demetrios says. “From the initial design to the install and commissioning, they’ve always gone above and beyond to ensure we’re happy with the results. That’s why we keep coming back.”

If you’re looking for a frying range that offers unbeatable quality, reliability, and value for money, look no further than Mallinson’s of Oldham.

The Walkden Grand Opening