Installing a new frying range is no small task.

At Mallinson’s of Oldham, we’ve been manufacturing frying ranges since 1920, so when it comes to fitting a new range, we’re equipped with all the information and skill needed to give our customers what they require.

We’re here to help every step of the way, so we’ve broken down the ordering process into 5 simple steps. Ordering a new frying range shouldn’t feel like a hurdle and with our guide, you’ll find everything you need to know when considering fitting a new range.

1. Conducting a shop visit 

Before buying a new frying range, we always recommend visiting your shop to see the space and consider the best solution for you. We will highlight how the new frying range will benefit you and your customers and we will create a customised quote based on this information.

2. Planning and fine tuning design 

frying range planning

To help you visualise the available shop space, we will create a scale picture of how the new frying range would look in your shop. This can be fine-tuned as many times as necessary as all of our products are custom-built to your specifications on-site at our factory. All of our frying ranges are made bespoke to your particular needs.

3. Choosing a range

At Mallinson’s of Oldham, we offer the full spectrum of frying ranges – wall ranges, counter ranges and island ranges, with either hinged lids or ‘open top’ (continental style). Once this is decided, you can choose from a variety of frontage designs, from coloured and textured laminates to curved stainless steel (often with backlit laser cut logo) to vinyl wrap graphics with a limitless choice of high resolution images.

After consulting our expert team and designers on which frying ranges are best suited to you based on your requirements and shop dimensions, you have everything you need to make a final decision on which new frying range to choose.

4. Installation process

new frying range installation

We’ll schedule an installation date and run through the details of what you’ll need to do at the shop before the new frying range is installed. We’ll also send you an easy-to-read document that answers any questions you might have regarding gas and electricity. 

Generally, an installation takes two working days and is completed by our Gas Safe experts. As part of our installation service, we can remove your existing range if necessary before installing the new one.

5. After sales service 

After the installation of your new frying range, we’ll commission the range and give you a demonstration of how it works. We’ll leave you with an instruction manual for you to refer to as and when necessary. As part of our after sales service, we also offer a market leading 8 year guarantee on our pans as well as a 12 month parts and labour warranty on the other components within the range.

At Mallinson’s of Oldham, we build high quality ranges at the lowest possible cost to our customers. We are proud of how reliable our frying ranges are and strive to give our customers the most seamless experience. 

Mapping out your project with the help of experts like Mallinson’s of Oldham will help to ensure your business’s success. Why not take a look at our selection of bespoke British ranges on our website? To explore your options, get in touch with our team.