With Valentine’s Day round the corner, we’re here to help you find the perfect frying range for your fish and chip shop by taking a closer look at the three most common types.

Island Range: A perfect match for spacious shops

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An Island Range is a great option for busy shops who want to maximize available space to keep up with orders during peak periods.

The design of the range allows fryers to focus on preparing food, whilst servers can take orders from customers in their own space. A heated display cabinet keeps cooked fish warm, whilst chips are passed through an integrated heated chute once fried.

You’ll need to decide on the specific location and number of chip boxes needed for your Island Range, along with whether you would like to integrate any bain maries into your range.

Counter Range: The perfect match for modern shops

find your dream frying range

A popular pairing for many fish and chip shops, the Counter Range provides a fresh, modern frontage that’s backlit with LEDs to create an ambient experience for customers.

When using this range, you’ll be able to face the door to your shop, enabling you to greet customers as they arrive. Having a Counter Range will also allow you to fry alone during quieter periods.

With many options for frontages, including different colours and finishes available, a Counter Range could be a perfect fit for your shop.

Wall Range: The perfect match for smaller shops

With a recent resurgence in popularity, Wall Ranges are common in narrower shops, allowing you to have more pans than a counter range accommodates. Although frying using a Wall Range means that you have your back to your customer, it will allow you to have more servers, as the counter will normally be the full width of the shop. So this range is a great option for busy shops with limited space.

Discover your dream range

Mallinson’s of Oldham have been manufacturing bespoke British ranges since 1920. Whether you choose a Wall, Counter or Island range, our fabricators can build you a new counter to your exact specifications.

With our expertise and your vision, we’ll be able to transform your space with a range that suits your shop perfectly.

To find out more and discover your dream range, browse our frying ranges online today or please get in touch with any questions – we’d love to help.