Being part of the traditional fish and chip trade can be difficult when we consider how the industry has evolved over the last year.

With a shift from queuing at the door towards click-and-collect and delivery services, many fryers have been faced with the decision as to how best to meet customer expectations in how they deliver their product.

If this is a problem that you’re facing in your shop, Mallinson’s can offer support to your business to ensure your shops are well-equipped and up to date where needed. Our bespoke frying ranges can help your business adapt to the ever-changing industry by improving the process of walk-ups, deliveries and click-and-collect services.

Adapting to change 

With a staggering £1.2 billion annual spend on fish and chips in the UK, the industry is far from slowing down. Last year as lockdown consumed our lives, many businesses in the hospitality industry were able to stay afloat by offering online ordering, with delivery and click-and-collect options. 

Many fish and chip shop owners found that they had to change their processes, shop layouts and adapt their ranges to accommodate for these new services. As stores reopened following lockdown, shop owners were having to find a way to simultaneously accommodate both walk-in and online orders. With our bespoke frying ranges, we offer a chance to improve your services to encourage a more seamless customer experience.


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How can Mallinson’s support fish and chip shop owners?

At Mallinson’s, we have similarly evolved to cater to the ever-changing industry. Although our bespoke frying ranges continue to be built with the same level of quality and attention to detail, as manufacturers, we have also improved in line with the changing fish and chip market.

We can audit fish and chip shops and make recommendations to help your business adapt to the growing demand for walk-in orders, click-and-collect, and deliveries. Custom-made frying ranges will assist fish and chip shops to efficiently produce multiple orders for the various channels which will result in an improved customer experience and a more contented workforce.

Our bespoke frying ranges have been manufactured since 1920, with designs and functionalities being refined over the years. Our ranges can be tailored to suit your business by finding a solution for many of the challenges you may be facing since the rise of online ordering services.


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3 reasons why a bespoke frying range can help with online ordering

Stronger catering capacity With an increase in sales, chip shop owners often finding the need for additional pans. Mallinson’s will work with the space you have to help you accommodate extra frying capacity along with recommendations for the location of chip boxes, counter space, and even a separate hot cupboard to make sure your delivery drivers are collecting hot food.

A seamless experience With one counter for all purposes, juggling in-store orders, delivery, and click-and-collect processes can become complicated and busy. Installing a second counter to mark where delivery drivers or click-and-collect customers should go will result in a clear division on where particular orders should be placed and collected, and reduce confusion for your walk-in customers.

Adapting your environment – Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to come up with something new. Why not challenge us by sharing your plans for your shop and seeing how we can fulfil your requirements? With many years experience in shop appraisals, we will do our best to make sure you adapt your environment to enable you to grow your business as the industry leaps forwards.


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As a proud British manufacturer since 1920, we are committed to providing high quality, bespoke, frying ranges that are built to last whilst offering great value for money.  With customer service at the forefront of our business, contact us today to learn more about your options and what we can do to help you modernise your fish and chip shop as the industry evolves.