In our new Mallinson’s community series we get to know some of our fantastic customers a little better, discovering more about their frying career so far and experience in the industry. 

First up, we meet Mike and Pat Djamalis from Mike’s Chippy in Heywood, Manchester. The couple have owned their fish and chip shop for 35 years and had used the same frying range the whole time.

It was definitely time for an upgrade as it was costing more and more money just to keep the old range going! Also they had one eye on retirement in the next few years and knew it would be easier to sell the shop with a new range in it.

Join us as we find out more about their experience using a Mallinson’s frying range…

How did you hear about Mallinson’s?

We’d heard of the Mallinson’s brand but we didn’t know too much about their frying ranges.

Our service engineer recommended Mallinson’s so we did some research online and saw that they were a very long standing company and were highly regarded in the industry.

What were you looking for in a new frying range?

First and foremost reliability. We wanted a range that is built to last and stand the test of time. The company’s reassuring long term warranty on the pans stood out to us for this very reason.

Secondly simplicity. We love how straightforward the range is to operate so all we have to think about is frying fish and chips with no bother. At the end of the day, we just want to fry quickly and easily to ensure that our customers continue to be delighted with our food.

Last but not least value for money. That goes without saying!

Why choose Mallinson’s?

After our service engineer’s recommendation and conducting our own research, we called the factory with our enquiry.

Martin and Mark came to our shop to see us right away and we liked that. They provided us with various suggestions that would maximise the space available and followed this up with an invitation to visit the factory and see a working range in their showroom.

We did just that and were really impressed with the setup. Within a couple of days, we agreed a fair price for the range and following a few tweaks to the drawing we were really pleased with how it would look helping us to make the decision that we’d like them to make the new range for our shop!

How are you finding your new Mallinson’s range?

We are absolutely delighted with our range, it looks fantastic and it is so easy to use and much more powerful than our old one. 

The Mallinson’s installation team were brilliant, working hand in hand with our builder and others to ensure a very smooth refurbishment and installation. 

We would highly recommend Mallinson’s to anyone!

To find out more about Mallinson’s bespoke frying ranges, head to our frying ranges page.