National Fish and Chip Day: what’s it all about?

National Fish and Chip Day takes place on the first “Fryday” in June.  For over a century, fish and chips have remained one of the UK’s favourite takeaways, and National Fish and Chip Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating this iconic dish.

Get Involved!

It’s an exciting time for the industry with local shop owners promoting the fish and chips brand by way of special deals and promotions for their customers. There’s also the chance to participate in various events and activities organised by the industry and even get involved by with National Fish and Chip day merch!

And the celebration isn’t limited to just Fish and Chip shops either, with pubs and restaurants also taking part the aim is for a fun day all round.


The day was first initiated by the National Edible Oil Distributors Association (NEODA) in 2015.  It took its inspiration from Papa’s Fish and Chips who talked up the prospect of a National Awareness day for Fish and Chips and how it would be a great addition to the industry calendar.

Each year the event is held to celebrate the glorious partnership of fish and chips and to acknowledge the contribution of the industry to the UK economy.

Gary Lewis, President of NEODA, said, “We are always impressed with the way some shops embrace the day – we love it when they just ‘get it’ and know that the purpose of the day is to celebrate the nation’s favourite dish and, just in case anyone has forgotten about Fish & Chips, re-ignite their love of it on National Fish & Chip Day. This PR generates some excellent interest and interaction and consumers often find themselves thinking about Fish & Chips after the day and then revisiting the shops or restaurants for more”.

And it’s not only about enjoying the delicious meal but also about raising awareness about sustainable fishing and the importance of supporting the local fishing industry. The event is supported by the Fishermen’s Mission which is a British charitable organisation founded to support those working in the UK’s fishing industry.

Celebrate with Mallinson’s of Oldham

It really is a day to celebrate the tradition, history and culture of fish and chips in the United Kingdom.

Here at Mallinson’s of Oldham we take great pride in being a British manufacturer, supplying our bespoke Frying Ranges to Fish and Chip shops across the UK. With over 100 years in the industry our heritage and experience have cemented our reputation for quality, reliability and undoubtedly good value for money.

We would like to wish all of the UK Fryers, Restaurants and Fish and Chip lovers, a fantastic National Fish and Chip Day.